AIMTOM ND-9 4.0″ LCD Screen HD Dash Cam Car Recorder, 170 Degree Front + 120 Degree Rear Dual Lens Wide Angle Vehicle Dashboard Camera G-Sensor, WDR, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Parking Guard

AIMTOM ND-9 Dash Cam Born for Dash Driving Safety
The AIMTOM ND-9 will keep your driving safety and help you recording every incredible moment! AIMTOM ND-9 intelligent and multifunctional dash camera with highly sensitive lens provides you accurate and detailed capture recordings, also features Emergency Accident Lock and 24 hours Parking Monitor to ensure driving safety.
Dual Channel 1080p HD Front & Rear
The AIMTOM ND-9 dash cam is built around quality, and the advanced CMOS sensor captures every detail to provide crystal-clear 1080p Full HD picture recordings.
Widescreen View
Super size 4.0 inch LCD screen delivers a broader view to monitor the whole road while driving.
Parking Monitor
When `Parking Mode’ is enabled, the device continues to monitor the vehicle whilst it is turned off and parked. If motion or a vibration is detected by the device, it will automatically turn on and begin recording.
WDR Technology
The WDR technology will automatically adjust the exposure of the camera between bright and dark areas to create balanced images and footage, which shows outstanding video quality on day and night
Capture More Than Expected
AIMTOM ND-9 Dash Cam uses a 170 degree wide angle lens which provide a full view of the road, not just the car in front of you. With the wide angle lens simultaneously record 4 lanes of traffic.
View Reverse Video
If you turn to reverse gear, the camera will display the rear camera image automatically to assist reversing, and then resume normal in-dash recording.
Package Includes:
1x Dash camera
1x Mount bracket
1x Car charger
1x USB cable
1x User manual
1x AIMTOM welcom card

Product Features

  • ✦ DUAL CHANNEL: Thanks to its 170 degree wide angle front camera and 120 degree rear camera, it captures the ultra-wide image with 290 degree angle view providing full protection around your car. You will never miss any events or accidents at front or back of your vehicle. While in reverse, it will automatically switch to rear view camera which delivers a 120° viewing angle to help you see obstacles behind you.
  • ✦ ULTRA HD 1080P & WDR: The AIMTOM ND-9 dash cam with super size 4.0″ LCD screen shots Full HD 1920X1080 crystal clear video. Full HD 1080P camera is built with superb Night-Vision 6-layer glass lens designed with high temperature resistant capabilities. Equipped with WDR technology, the wide dynamic range adjusts the exposure of camera automatically which has created a vivid picture of the journey.
  • ✦ LOOP RECORDING & EMERGENCY FILE LOCK: The smart dash camera starts recording automatically when you start your vehicle, seamlessly Loop Recording overwrites the oldest video with the latest video to ensure sufficient storage space. Variable sensitivity of G-Sensor auto detects a sudden collision, and then emergency locks the footage to “Event File” to prevent the video from being overwritten.
  • ✦ AUTOMATIC SAFEGUARDS DESIGN: In the parking mode, parking monitor triggered by Motion Detection to record automatically, a well-hidden witness that captures all events encountered, also manual emergency lock button with a key locks the current video from being overwritten, and the dash cam built-in HD microphone for clear audio evidence of any event to enhance all visual effects.
  • ✦ CRITICAL EXISTENCE & WARRANTY: It can be used to record the beautiful scenery on the way, what’s most, used to record the car accident and obtain evidence, which is indispensable on the way of your driving. AIMTOMND-9 dash cam brings you great convenience and security of data storage, and it is backed up with excellent customer services, 12-MONTH warranty and LIFETIME friendly technical support.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is such a good purchase. We’ve had dash cams in our cars and so far this is one of the bests we’ve had. The video quality is so clear and the screen is huge! I like that the camera swivels and you can adjust it easily. In terms of installation, it’s just plug and play, it’s so easy! Definitely insert a big capacity SD card as this one doesn’t come with any. There are several modes like photo and video and the sound is super clear. I’m going to…

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