Bluetooth V3.0 Music Receiver, DBPOWER BA-600 Car Charger With FM Transmitter Function, Hands-free + AUX Cable, Car Wireless Bluetooth Solutions

DBPOWER BLUETOOTH GADGET – Nothing is impossible!

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DBPOWER BA-600 is a Bluetooth car charger; you can transmit FM / AUX device’s Bluetooth signals (music and call) from your Bluetooth device, it also has a 5V, 2A USB charger output; You can also in Aux connection DBPOWER is BA-600 3.5mm Aux-out enjoy with 3.5 mm in your car, then you can play stereo music and answer each call through your car stereo, if your car not via the aux-in jack, stereo music and phone call can be transferred to your car stereo via FM 88.1M, 96.7 million euros or 107.9.

Technical Characteristics:
Bluetooth: Bluetooth V3.0
Support FM: 88.1M, 96.7 million euros and 107.9 million
Support AUX output
Range: 10 m (without blockages)
Support: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
RF frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
Operating Environment: -10 to + 50 ℃

What is in the box:
1 * DBPOWER BA-600 charger Musikempfaenger
1 * AUX cable
1 * Manual (English, German and Italian)

Every DBPOWER Product includes a 30 days money back & 18-month worry-free Guarantee!


Buy it. You will love it.

Product Features

  • Music or call switching, free and relaxed. Super clear and flow conversation effect. Deliver fluently your favorite music, GPS voice navigation.
  • FM model: DBPOWER BA-600 has three different optional appointed frequencies 88.1M,96.7 M, 107.9M, When tuning to the FM appointed frequency in your car same with BA-600 FM appointed frequency ,you can enjoy the music or answer the phone calls through your car audio system
  • Two-link: BA-600 can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time
  • Automatically connection: connect to the last connected phone and begin to work in sync when starting the car. And also supports memory function.
  • 5V 2A charger output: provide power to phone, pad, laptop and so on

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2 Responses to Bluetooth V3.0 Music Receiver, DBPOWER BA-600 Car Charger With FM Transmitter Function, Hands-free + AUX Cable, Car Wireless Bluetooth Solutions

  1. E. Lee Zimmerman "Trekscribbler (aka Ed)" says:

    It Took Me A Few Attempts, But I Did Get This To Work Quite Well (Might Take Some User Adjustments To Maximize Results) As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews on related items, my wife drives our brand-spanking-new auto. She’s the primary breadwinner as I’m exploring career life in a whole new spectrum (one which keeps me largely at home), and that means I get the back-up vehicle. I do get behind the wheel of our 2015 Toyota on the weekends, and I’m constantly amazed with all of the Bluetooth gadgetry once properly linked in with my iPhone 4.Little did I know that – for…

  2. Inwester says:

    Great clear Bluetooth FM transmitter, even in the NYC area. I received this for a discounted price of $5 for test purposes.My car is a 2007 model year and doesn’t have Bluetooth or even an auxiliary port. I’ve always wanted to buy one of these transmitters, but every time I checked GOgroove the price was $45 and I personally never thought it was worth it. Then my spouse recently got a new car, with Bluetooth and Pandora app and all that good stuff. Now I really needed a Bluetooth transmitter in my car, so when I got an offer for DB Power…