Camco 43512 Black Mini Dish Drainer and Tray

Camco RV Mini Dish Drainer and Tray fits RV sinks, and is sized just right for limited counter space. Sloped drainer tray keeps counters dry. Drain tray snaps on top of rack for handy storage. Durable heavy-duty construction.

Product Features

  • Designed to fit RV and marine sinks
  • Drain tray snaps on top of rack for handy storage
  • Sloped drain tray helps to keep counters dry
  • Sized just right for limited counter space
  • Measures 9.5″ x 11.69″ x 4.75″

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3 Responses to Camco 43512 Black Mini Dish Drainer and Tray

  1. Troy D. says:

    well-designed, sturdy and pretty darn cute! I needed something very small and compact for camping purposes, and this suits the bill. You’re not going to fit a whole lot in drainer, but for just some silverware and plates it should work fine. No question you’ll have to dry your pots and pans elsewhere. I did find on Amazon some very thick terry cloth type material with a mesh bottom that elevates the material so that it dries very quickly. You may want to check out these absorbent mats out for larger items.I also like the fact…

  2. Nick Smith says:

    Exactly What I Needed

  3. Every Shining Thing says:

    Not bad. Could be better! The size was perfect for my parents’ retirement apartment kitchen. It looks good and is easy to keep clean. It really only fits salad-plate sized dishes and small bowls, not large/dinner sized plates.Larger utensils tend to fall over sideways in the utensil slots rather than standing up, because the slots aren’t very large and are a little bit shorter than regular dish-drainer utensil slots. I do really like the glass-holder pieces on the sides though and they are a very good use of space in a…

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