Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Camera


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2 Responses to Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Camera

  1. Ed S says:

    Perfect for what I got them for… I want to start with why I bought this…I wanted a very small, very light, and very cheap, video camera to attach to my small RC Helicopers, Planes, and Rockets.I did some research and found that most suppiers ended up with the same basic PCB and components, so I searched out the lowest price. I found these for $4.99 and figured that was pretty good.Having read reviews about units not completely working, I was fine with that – given the price…

  2. J. Donaldson says:

    Good for the price I’ve just received my keychain camera, targeted at attaching it to my Syma X1 Quad Copter to take videos while I fly it – just for fun. I’ve played with the camera for about 2 hours, watched instruction videos on youtube, and spent quite a bit of time on the Chuck Lohr web site.I’ve uploaded a video I shot of my 3-year-old grandson at open gym today. Sadly the video was downgraded during the upload to Amazon because it simply isn’t as good as it is on the…