Car Amplifers | BOSS Audio PV3700 Phantom 3700 Watt, 2/4 Ohm Stable Class A/B, 5 Channel, Full Range, Bridgeable, Mosfet with Remote Subwoofer Control

Shift your music into gear with the Boss Audio Phantom PV3700 5-Channel Class A/B Full Range Amplifier. This powerful 2-Ohm stable amplifier features 3700 Watts Max Power with a MOSFET power supply for better performance to get your vehicle rocking. Customize the sound with Low and High Pass Crossover, Bass Boost and Remote Subwoofer Control. Bridge channels for more power and flexibility. The Phantom Series are full-featured amplifiers that offer eye-catching Multi LED Backlit Illumination and customization for high quality sound and performance. Rock out with the Boss Audio PV3700. For more product details, please scroll down.

Product Features

  • 550 W MAX Power @ 2 Ohm x 4 Channels
  • 275 W MAX Power @ 4 Ohm x 4 Channels
  • 1100 W MAX Bridged Power @ 4 Ohm x 2 Channels
  • 1500 W 5th Channel MAX Power @ 2 Ohm x 1 Channel
  • 750 W 5th Channel MAX Power @ 4 Ohm x 1 Channel
  • Low and High Level Inputs, Variable Filter, Variable Bass Boost, Red LED Backlit Illumination, Remote Subwoofer Control
  • Dimensions: Depth 17 x Width 10.3 x Height 2.3 Inches
  • 6 Year Platinum Dealer Warranty

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3 Responses to Car Amplifers | BOSS Audio PV3700 Phantom 3700 Watt, 2/4 Ohm Stable Class A/B, 5 Channel, Full Range, Bridgeable, Mosfet with Remote Subwoofer Control

  1. David Manuel says:

    Lots of Power for the price, but not truly 3700W. This is a great amp for the price…It sates that the max power is 3700W but really it’s not nearly that. That’s BOSS for you though, but It’s at about 1920W Peak Max Power at 2 Ohms and it’s around 960W total RMS at 2 Ohms. This is true because of Ohm’s Law. I saw that it has only two 40A fuses which gave it a max current handling rating of 80A. If you use an Ohm’s Law calculator for the total power output @ 80A with 12V you get 960W RMS at 2 ohms. And 480W total RMS at 4 ohms. This is why…

  2. G&T says:

    If you install it right you’ll love it! I bought the 3700 Boss 5 channel amp with a goal of a well balanced sound for all types of music. Not only did I hit this goal, but it’s louder the I ever imagined. I have my Boss Amp hooked to two 6.5″ 3 way 300 watt boss door speakers With tweeters in the front, two 6.5 two way speakers and tweeters in the back, and one 1100 watt 12″ Pioneer Comp Sub in the cargo area in a 2004 Tahoe. I added a Capicitor mainly because I got it as a bonus. FYI, Before I had the capacitor installed…

  3. mike anspach says:

    Outstanding ! In my honest opinion, Boss Audio products are excellent and I have NEVER had an issue with ANY Boss Audio component that I’ve purchased.If you’re looking to upgrade a factory stereo or if you’re wanting to disturb your neighbors (lol) then Boss can do it, and at a price that’s very reasonable.I have just installed a new system in my Silverado. It starts with the Boss Head Unit- 508UAB , then the Boss 7 band Equalizer -AVA1210. The Boss PF1800 Amp powers my Boss NX654 door speakers…

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