Car GPS navigation, 7-inch HD voice prompt system, Capacitive Touchscreen with Sunshade Spoken, 8GB RAM gps navigator – Lifetime Map Updates (black)

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The complete battery charge is usually used in emergency situations. Inserting the car charger into your camcorder may be better when driving.

Pre-installed map of the United States, if you want to update your map, or download maps of other countries, please contact E-mail via Amazon mail to customer service for free updates map.

* Support: Support GPS, FM, games, e-books, USB, flash memory, video playback, music playback.
* Support 7 kinds of models: cars, trucks, pedestrians, bicycles, ambulances, buses, taxis. You can choose according to your type of vehicle
* CPU: MTK, MSB2531 ARM Cortex-A7, 800MHZ
* ROM: 8GB
* RAM: 128MB
* Display: 7-inch TFT LCD 16: 9
* Resolution: 800 * 480 pixels
* Touch screen: capacitive touch screen
* Video Player: MP4 / MPGE / MPG / AVI
* USB: USB2.0, high speed
* Car Charger: DC12-36V

Package includes:
* GPS navigation 1
* Awning 1
* Charger 1
* USB cable 1
* Back support 1
* User Manual 1

Product Features

  • ◆ 7-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen touch response faster than the average resistive touch screen GPS, with sun visor, super shade function, blocking the sun during the day.
  • ◆ Portable GPS installation easy, you can arbitrarily removed to another car loaded, 8G storage space is mainly used for map storage, receiving signals better, faster and more accurate than ordinary GPS navigation.
  • ◆ smart voice prompts, the real man or woman’s voice playback, you do not have to always look on the GPS screen. It makes your driving safer and reduces fatigue driving
  • ◆ Built-in Hi-Fi Speakers and FM Transmitter Navigation voice and music will be sent directly to the car’s speakers, the volume is adjustable; voice prompts cornering speed, the main street name (some remote areas may not know);
  • ◆ Your satisfaction is our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our navigation, please a full refund, we will bear all the shipping costs.

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2 Responses to Car GPS navigation, 7-inch HD voice prompt system, Capacitive Touchscreen with Sunshade Spoken, 8GB RAM gps navigator – Lifetime Map Updates (black)

  1. Ronnie says:

    Ditch the cell and get this! During the holidays we, like everyone else, tend to travel alot. And that always requires the use of one of our phones for GPS. Which uses quite a bit of data. So this year we decided to just buy a real GPS and be done with it. So far this week we’ve used it everyday and it is AWESOME! The display is really big compared to our phones! I was pleasantly surprised that it came with its own stand and mount for the car as well! Once I charged it and set it up with the language and regular user…

  2. chanly says:

    Very useful GPS, the map is up to date

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