Car Suction Mount Cradle Holder for Garmin Nuvi GPS 200 200W 205 205W 250 250W

Use this cradle to securely mount your GPS on the windshield of you car. This mount is made by garmin specifically for your Nuvi 2xx GPS Unit.

Product Features

  • Genuine OEM Garmin Nuvi 2xx GPS Cradle
  • Snap your Nuvi 2xx GPS onto this OEM holder

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3 Responses to Car Suction Mount Cradle Holder for Garmin Nuvi GPS 200 200W 205 205W 250 250W

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fits Garmin 265WT Perfectly It’s funny how that little piece can really make the GPS alot less functional. When we discovered that we had lost that piece, we were more than quite irritated, especially during the trip when one of us had to hold the GPS while the other was looking at it. “Ummm, could you hold it a little higher,” “No, not there, the sun is washing it out” “Could you turn up the volume, your hand is covering the speaker.”You get the idea. We did not want to relive that annoying…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Does it’s job. The Bracket Cradle fits my Nuvi 255W perfectly. The configuration of the ball is a little different from the one that came with the GPS, but this doesn’t make any difference that I can see. Snug enough to hold the Nuvi in place while in use. I think it’s a little expensive for a stamped out piece of plastic, but it won’t break the bank, and gives me the confidence of knowing I have a back-up should the original get lost and I couldn’t use the 255. I’m not rating the price, just the item -…

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