CARRVAS 5.0” Portable Touch Screen Vehicle GPS Sat Nav Truck Car Navigator Navigation System Built-in 8G 256MB RAM with Preloaded US Maps Multimedia Player FM Transmitter

Latest vesion.
Speedcam/red light warning.
Speed detection & alert when exceeding speed limit; Speed detection & alert when exceeding speed limit.
Voice guidance
Voice turn by turn guidance, advance lane guidance.
Multiple searching options.
By postcode, an address, part of an address, category, points of interests (POIs), favorite destinations, or history.

FM transmitter
Broadcast voice turn by turn guidance, music and video from your GPS.
Note! when the FM transmitter open, the speaker close.
Variable map views choose from 2D or 3D navigation.

Other functions
Save addresses. no need to enter them each time.
Estimated travel times.
High-speed re-routing if you deviate from the original route.
Multimedia: Video, Audio, E-Book/Photo, Games.

A.Can’t open the app ,no sound, can’t chargeing etc…
1.Press reset hole of the back
2.Setting Factory default setting

B.Can’t open navigation app
Need choose navigation EXE file path again
Step: Choose Naviconfig logo, click button, and then double-click ResidentFlash file, then double-click the FLASH file, then double-click the OZ – Primo file, choose the Primo. EXE file. then choose save, then can open navigation logo.

C.Touch screen adjustment
Choose Calibrate logo. then confirm adjustment to Calibrate.

* Please use outdoors, so that the signal can be stronger, if you want to test at home, you can use it beside window.
* When you first use, it will need more time to search the signal, the searching time is about 10-15 minutes, please don’t worry and wait patiently.

Product Features

  • Professional-level portable navigation system, new car interface design
  • 5.0 inch TFT LCD Screen ,CPU: 800MHz,RAM 256MB
  • 8GB Memory Built-in .Supports TF slot (TF Card is NOT included).
  • Video Player: Entertainment Video Play MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, MPEG-2, MPEG, AVI, DAT, MPG, MP4 etc. Audio Player: WMA, MP3, WAV. Bluetooth: No
  • Windows CE 6.0. Postcode search supported; Built-in FM transmitter.

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3 Responses to CARRVAS 5.0” Portable Touch Screen Vehicle GPS Sat Nav Truck Car Navigator Navigation System Built-in 8G 256MB RAM with Preloaded US Maps Multimedia Player FM Transmitter

  1. Tinfoot says:

    How an Initial Negative Reaction Went to a Postive Liking Now when I first pulled this out of the box, I was actually rather disappointed for a number of reasons – talking 2 Star reaction. However, as I observed and worked this little GPS unit over the past few days, my overall feeling improved quite a bit. In my video, I go through all my initial expectations, my disappointments, and the thinking behind my gradual, yet positive change in attitude towards the 4.3″ GPS model.To…

  2. Max M says:

    Great feature set for the price, but the LCD screen is terrible “A sub-$40 gps??? That is impossible!” -No, it is possible with this CARRVAS gps!This GPS works surprisingly well, but has some caveats that won’t allow it to work for everyone. Nonetheless, it is fully featured, and is surprisingly fast!I bought this GPS mainly to have as a backup for my car, since I primarily use my cell phone for navigation, as it incorporates current traffic conditions into its calculations. That being said, the GPS is capable of…

  3. ReviewStuffz says:

    Does better than google I received this product for free to review.For starters I usually hate GPS. While the whole world seems to think it is a god send, all it’s ever does for me is get me lost. seriously I would do better just guessing and going with my gut. I’ve even had it where I read all the driving directions before leaving and still it decided to change route on the fly and lead me to no where in particular but certainly not where I wanted to be. That’s my old GPS and my phone… definitely not…