Chemical Guys HOL124 Car Care Kit (7 Items), 16 fl. oz, 7 Pack

The Chemical Guys starter car care kit combines All the products professionals always reach for to keep the most precious cars looking and feeling their very best. The starter car care kit is the perfect combination of products to get any first-timer starter, or for any hardcore enthusiast who needs only the best products in one convenient kit. Always start by washing the entire car and wheels with citrus wash & gloss car wash Shampoo and signature series wheel cleaner. Once the car is clean and free of any loose dirt and debris, remove embedded impurities and contaminants from painted surfaces with the light duty clay bar and speed wipe detail spray for a smooth-as-glass feel on paint, metal, glass, and optical plastic. Protect, shine, and add a deep-wet reflection to paintwork, glass, and optical plastic with Butter wet wax. Set off every detail by restoring the deep black crisp factory-fresh look to rubber tires, plastic panels, and rubber trim with Silk shine dressing. Finally, finish every detail with crystal clear glass with signature series glass cleaner: the ammonia-free window-tint and optical-plastic safe glass cleaner. The Chemical Guys starter car care kit will help any detailer keep their car looking fresh and new, and help protect their investment against the ravages of mother nature and time. The starter car care kit comes with citrus wash & gloss car wash soap, signature series wheel cleaner, speed wipe detail spray, light duty Blue clay bar, Butter wet wax, signature series glass cleaner, and Silk shine dressing.

Product Features

  • Preferred by professionals, perfect for enthusiasts
  • Starter car care kit to get your detailing arsenal going
  • All the best products assembled into one convenient package and at the best price
  • Great products for Wheels, windows and the paint
  • Wash, clay bar and wax to bring out that great shine

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2 Responses to Chemical Guys HOL124 Car Care Kit (7 Items), 16 fl. oz, 7 Pack

  1. Anonymous says:

    Black paint perfection So here is the truth on this kit. If you have a big truck (crew cab) you’ll use more product in the detail spray so buy an extra detail spray since you’ll use that 2:1 for the other products. The first time I used this product I was less than pleased with the results. I did everything by hand so I went and got a polisher from harbor freight. After that you can see the amazing result. It placed a more consistent and cut the VSS with ease. It still need a few more coats in the trouble areas and…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great kit for this newbie As a beginner, this kit has almost everything needed to wash and detail at home. I bought this because I wanted to get away from drive through car washes and expensive detailing, but I didn’t know which individual products to buy. I was able to take care of the car in a little over an hour using the wash, wax, wheel cleaner, and tire/trim dressing. The products were effective. After my hard work was ruined by rain and dirt that week, I was able to do a quick once over with the speed wipe. The…

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