Cobra 15 Band Police Cop Radar Laser Detector w/ DigiView & Compass | XRS-9695, Manufacturer Refurbished

The Manufacturer Refurbished Cobra XRS-9695 provides total protection and peace of mind with the Xtreme Range Superheterodyne® technology, detecting all 15 radar/laser bands with super-fast lock-on detection circuitry. The unit provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest of POP mode radar guns. Other features include DigiView Text Display, an 8-point electronic compass, and much more. The Cobra XRS-9695 has many additional features that make it more user-friendly. The Smart Power system is a timed power saving function that saves your car’s battery, and the Safety Alert traffic warning system distinguishes important safety alerts from other K band signals.

Product Features

  • Manufacturer Refurbished Cobra XRS-9695 15 Band Radar/Laser Detector
  • Ultra Performance – provides advanced warning with extra detection range
  • Detection and Separate Alerts: for radar signals (X,K,Ka & Ku bands), laser signals, safety alert signals, strobe alert signals, VG-2 signals, Spectre I & IV signals
  • Pop Detection – detects the latest super-fast instant-on single pulse radar guns; Tone Alert – with adjustable volume
  • IntelliMute: Relative-speed-sensing Auto Mute system that virtually elminates false alerts

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