Drive 60LM GPS Navigator (US) – 010-01533-0C Bundle Universal GPS Navigation Dash-Mount

Bundle Includes Garmin Drive 60LM GPS Nav-Mat Portable GPS Dash Mount Dedicated GPS Navigator with Driver Awareness Easy-to-use, dedicated GPS navigator with 6.0-inch dual-orientation display Preloaded with detailed lifetime maps of the U.S. Driver alerts for increased awareness, including upcoming sharp curves, school zones, speed changes and more Garmin Real Directions feature guides like a friend, using landmarks and traffic lights Find new and popular restaurants, shops and more with Foursquare Helpful Driver Alerts for Your Daily Commute Garmin Drive 60 GPS navigator provides driver alerts to encourage safer driving and increase situational awareness. Warnings include alerts for sharp curves, speed changes, railroad crossings and animal crossings. Additionally, Garmin Drive 60 notifies you when driving the wrong way on a one-way street and sends warnings for nearby school zones. Receive alerts for nearby red light and speed cameras. For longer drives, a fatigue warning suggests break times and potential rest areas after hours of driving. The Up Ahead feature lets you easily see places up ahead and milestones along your route, without leaving the map view. Guidance Using Recognizable Landmarks Garmin Drive 60 redefines “spoken turn-by-turn directions” with Garmin Real Directions, easy-to-understand driving directions that guide like a friend, using recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights (e.g., “Turn right after the red building” or “Turn left after the QT…

Product Features

  • Garmin Drive 60LM GPS
  • Universal GPS Navigation Dash-Mount

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3 Responses to Drive 60LM GPS Navigator (US) – 010-01533-0C Bundle Universal GPS Navigation Dash-Mount

  1. Two Dogs says:

    Great GPS

  2. Gisele Gardner says:

    Helpful, but tech could be better Purchased this for our trip from VT to NC. On several occasions I wanted to through it out the window.It works well if you know the street name for your destination, otherwise it gets tricky trying to select whereyou want to go. While on an interstate I would ask for the nearest Holiday Inn, it would give me hotels thatwere all over the place – 50 miles back, 25 miles off course, and rarely where I was headed. It would notallow me to select places to far off either…

  3. QWERTY says:

    Just what I had expected from Garmin – a solid …

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