Emergency Mylar Blankets – 84″ X 52″(4 Pack)

Emergency thermal blanket to be used as emergency shelter. Also great for camping, hiking, and surviving the cold outdoors. Excellent as liner of sleeping bag.

Product Features

  • [PREMIUM MYLAR EMERGENCY BLANKETS]- Durable and advanced aluminized dual-sided Mylar blankets are perfect for conserving body heat in emergency survival situations. The gold is especially designed, with outward gold side to absorb maximum heat and inward silver side to reflect body heat. The double mode can retain more body heat.
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE] – Made from military-grade 12-micron aluminized polyethylene mylar, originally developed for NASA, each blanket measures 84″ X 52″ and weighs 2 oz.Each compact size for only 12*7*1cm. Blankets are reusable, waterproof, windproof, moisture-proof. Great for hiking, backpacking, climbing, camping, traveling outdoors or in the wilderness, and biking. Our ultralight blankets are popular with everyone from emergency responders to endurance athletes using them to prevent swea
  • [EMERGENCY USE]- Designed to retain up 90% of your body heat, our blankets can help block rain, snow, and moisture to keep you dry in damp, wet, cold, rainy environments. In fact, uses are nearly limitless: use as tent footprint, backpack cover, rain poncho, emergency signal, solar oven, shade cover, fishing lure, bird repellent, emergency shelter, sleeping bag liner, ground cover, bivouac sack, wind blocker, arm sling, tourniquet, bivvy, trail marker, water collector, snow melt container.
  • [PACKAGE INCLUDE]- 4 Pack. Individually folded and sealed so you can easily throw them in your hiking backpack, car, first aid kit, go-bag, camping gear, or emergency kit at home or at work. Stay warm, help prevent hypothermia or shock in emergency situations, and keep yourself and your family safe.
  • [CUSTOMERS SAY]- Creative everyday uses beyond survival, Order Now !!

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3 Responses to Emergency Mylar Blankets – 84″ X 52″(4 Pack)

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Mylar Blanket I love, love these. Used them on my bedroom windows it kept the room in Arizona, non the less from getting to hot in the afternoon when it got super hot do to sun shining directly in my room. I could still look outside but nobody could see into my room from the ouside.I also had to sleep out in the desert when I went to the Grand canyon in the end of March so I decided to try on my car windows. Cut rThem to the size of my HHR windows and was able to stay in my car during the…

  2. Disco Panda says:

    Space savers, good to have – just wish description said “One Use Only”! I have to claim a bit of ignorance on the whole emergency Mylar blanket thing – I bought these for my first-ever camping trip (and also just to have, you know, in case of an emergency LOL)…but I did not realize they are ONE-USE ONLY!! One and done! Now, for those of you that are camping or emergency situation PROS – go ahead, laugh at me. I do feel a bit silly for not knowing! However, I don’t think I’m alone on this – so for those of you that think you’re going to buy these and be able to…

  3. Kenn Caesius says:

    The space blanket that is not limited to emergencies I took a chance on these blankets and I came out ahead! When I was preparing my emergency kit for the next great earthquake that will devastate Southern California, I figured I have to have at least one on hand so I felt I settled for these – to my surprise, what came in the mail was better than I anticipated.The four-pack of space blankets is self-explanatory – each one is a “QuiteEZ” branded 52 by 84 inch Aluminum and Mylar sheet that can easily wrap itself to all but the…

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