Escort Straight Smart Cord (Blue Light)

With 12 feet in length, the Straight Smart Cord gives you ample room for mounting your detector on the windshield even on deep dashboards. Without coiling, cord is easily tucked into upholstery, or mounted with hook and loop adhesive tape.

Product Features

  • Blue 12 ft. smart cord
  • Straight smart cord design.Works with all current ESCORT windshield mounted detectors
  • cord is tucked into upholstery

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3 Responses to Escort Straight Smart Cord (Blue Light)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had my Escort radar detector for years, it’s been great and reliable. I’ve had the cabling all hidden in the molding but recently got a new car and started to use the cord that dangles from the detector to the cigarette lighter in the car. The cords putter plastic skin started to peel off and exposed the wires but I learned to like the mute button and still wanted that. This cord allowed me to hide the cord and still keep the mute button. This replacement cord was perfect and did…

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