Garmin Dashboard Mount

GARMIN 010-10747-02 DASH MOUNTThe Garmin 010-10747-02 Dash Mount for the StreetPilot C510/C550 lets you mount your StreetPilot c510 or c550 to your car’s dash for optimal positioning and convenience.

What’s in the Box
Mounting bracket, temporary adhesive disk, and permanent adhesive disk.

Product Features

  • Dash Mount
  • For the StreetPilot C550

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2 Responses to Garmin Dashboard Mount

  1. Just Jim says:

    The sticky stuff bonds poorly to my dash My mount simply popped off the dash. I still had one of the adhesive things left so I prepped the dash again with alcohol and a clean microfiber cloth. The alcohol was 70% off-the-shelf antiseptic isopropyl alcohol (As opposed to rubbing alcohol which contains fragrance and oils.) I let the dash dry completely.This time I made doubly sure that I pressed the assembly down tightly and held it until my muscles cramped. I let it sit overnight. The next day I gave it another press…

  2. BBQ Corn Chips says:

    Solid Garmin dashboard mount. A+++ The Garmin 010-10747-02 Dashboard Mount was a good buy for me and worked with my Garmin set-up for the StreetPilot C550. The material is solid, and the construction is very good. It is very stable, and works for me. It works on the dash very well with no issues.It is a Garmin product, and it is not a fake or knock-off. And, the price is fair on Amazon.I recommend this Garmin dashboard mount for your Garmin GPS.If you have Amazon Prime, the 2-day Free…

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