JOHNSON Pro 40-6700 One-Sided Laser Detector with Clamp

3 Year Warranty: Johnson Level warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship for three years after the confirmed purchase date. At its option, the company will replace or repair the product if it fails under normal use.

Product Features

  • Quickly and accurately locates any laser signal emitted from rotary or “pulsed beam” line-generating laser levels
  • Front display is back-lit
  • Audible and visual indicators for precise leveling
  • Range = 393.7 ft. (120m) radius
  • Automatic shut-off timer and This detector detects red (635/650nm) laser signals.

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3 Responses to JOHNSON Pro 40-6700 One-Sided Laser Detector with Clamp

  1. jim green says:

    An excellent product The detector itself works excellently. The only problem I have is the clamping of this thing to my White 9′ wooden stick is very unsecure and it is easy to knock it off when you are trying to move to the next location. The clamp is just a round slick disk instead of a channel to wrap itself around the stick. I guess it’s like that so it can fit on different types of sticks. I think I’m going to attach a piece of double sided velcro to it so that I can wrap it around the stick so that if it gets…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought this to use with an Acculine Pro self leveling laser. I was concerned about reviews I read saying it did not read well in bright sunlight. This was not the case. It worked flawlessly throughout the entire process of installing my DIY in-ground pool. The battery that comes with it did not last long but with a quality 9v there were no issues at all and is still good after completing the entire job. I don’t know if it will work as well with other lasers but with the Acculine Pro it was…

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