LUITON LT-8W Dual Band 2-Way Ham Radio: VHF136-174MHz UHF400-520MHz, High Power 7Watts Transceiver Long Distance Amateur Portable Walkie Talkie(Black)

With a long range you can wander safely off around most venues, safe in the knowledge that your buddy is just a radio transceiver call away.
This two way radio transceiver can connect each other in remote area or wild field where phone signal is poor and it has the perfect portable size for outdoor adventures.
We offer free programming software CD/ programming cable. Once you play around with it for a bit it’s really easy to program.
✔Main features:
Great structure design, anti-wrestling;
7Watts power output;
Flash torch;
12.5KHz/25KHz channel spacing selectable;
High/Low Power Switchable;
Auto Battery Save;
Low Battery Alert;
Busy Channel Lockout;
CTCSS-50/CDCSS-105, standard & nonstandard CTCSS codes available;
TOT (Time-out timer);
ending sound silence;
squelch level 0-9 adjustable;
Priority Channel Scan;
Different Frequency Function;
PC Programmable;
Frequency Range:VHF 136-174MHz 245-246MHz F400-480MHz
350-390MHz 465-520MHz
Channel No: 2×128
Channel Spacing: 2.5/25KHz
Voltage: 7.2V
Battery: 1800mAh(Li-Ion)
Frequency Stabilization: ±2.5ppm
Operating Temperature Range : -20°C~+55°C
Antenna Impedance: 50Ω
Distances: 2~15km
RF Power Output: 7W
Modulation Type: F3E
Spurious and Harmonic: ≤-60dB
Residual Radiation: ≤-40dB
Modulation Distortion: ≤5%
Maximum Frequency Deviation: ±5KHz
Sensitivity: ≤0.2µV
Modulation Band: ±5KHz
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ≥60dB
Inter-modulation Anti-interference: ≥60dB
Spurious Response Rejection: ≥60dB
Rated Audio Output Power: ≥500mW
Rated Audio Distortion: ≤5%
▲Package Include:
1x Radio
1x Battery Pack
1x Power Adapter
1x Antenna
1x Belt Clip
1x Wrist Strap
1x User Manual
1x Programming Cable
1x Programming Software CD

Product Features

  • ★POWERFUL WALKIE TALKIE: High / Low Power Settings (7W/3W) Programmable Amateur Radio, with Free Programming Cable. Dual Standby /Dual Watch, A/B band independent operation Frequecy Range: 65-108 Mhz (Only commercial FM radio reception), VHF: 136-174 Mhz (Rx/Tx), UHF: 400-520 Mhz (Rx/Tx)
  • ★HIGH GOOD QUALITY:1800mAh Battery; Broadband (Wide) 25khz / Narrowband (Narrow) 12.5khz Selectable. Bright LCD Screen with Tri-Color Display for Easy Reading, Durable Exterior Casing, and Advanced Noise Reduction Capabilities
  • ★EASY TO CARRY: More enhanced construction and features, more solid design with larger buttons, and a better antenna.Metallic upgraded, durable housing. Bring huge convenience for you to communicate with each other in a long range
  • ★SIMPLE TO USE: VOX(Voice Operated Transmission) and OFFSET (frequency offset for repeater access) Functions, Keyboard beep and key lock function: Prevent button operating error. Transmitter Time-Out Timer (TOT), Busy Channel Lock-Out (BCLO), and Many More Functions Available
  • ★USEFUL TWO WAY RADIOS: The LT-8W is a popular choice for you. It provide the best in options and performance. You have available a wide range of monitoring excitement, including AM Aircraft, Public Safety, Government, Business, and, of course, Amateur communications

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3 Responses to LUITON LT-8W Dual Band 2-Way Ham Radio: VHF136-174MHz UHF400-520MHz, High Power 7Watts Transceiver Long Distance Amateur Portable Walkie Talkie(Black)

  1. sophie says:

    This radio makes an excellent scanner. “This radio makes an excellent scanner. It’s so small and convenient1.This Radio is perfect for the use I intended. It is a small-compact, sleek-looking VHF/UHF Portable that can be programmed across the spectrum advertised.The battery lasts all day in use with occasional transmissions and constant listening. In spite of the reviews saying it is difficult to manually program—it is not at all difficult. It takes some time to understand the radio programming protocols…but if…

  2. Simmons says:

    Good I am new to ham radio, but this little HT is able to get the job done. It might lack a whistle or a bell that the other manufactures have but this is my first radio and I have not missed it.Download the CHIRP software for free online. Once you play around with it for a bit it’s really easy to program. You can enter a name for the channel which will display in place of the frequency if you choose it in the options. The software lets you alter just about everything that is in the…

  3. Mildred M. Stiles says:

    Absolutely love this little radio Wanting to start to learn Ham Radio, this is my second radio that I purchased. I initially purchased the Baofeng like I’m sure many do, but, immediately ran into a few issues with that unit and knew it wasn’t going to be what I was going to want to keep, so the Baofeng went back,and this was the replacement.As noted: the scan speed is very slow, slower than the Baofeng, and MUCH slower than a Yaesu FT-7800. One thing I do like on this unit is the audio receive quality is…