Pro Trucker CB Radio Kit Includes Bearcat 680, 24″ Center Loaded Copper Coil Stainless Steel CB Antenna & Pre-wired Super-Strong Magnetic Base

Pro Trucker CB radio kit include radio, center loaded CB antenna, 12 inch whip and a strong magnetic base with an attached coax cable. The kit includes the following:

* (1) Bearcat 680 CB Radio – This easy to use radio gives you the clearest reception, strongest transmission and the greatest range.

* (1) Pre-wired super-strong magnetic base – Includes 9 ‘ of RG58 coax cable.

* (1) 24 inch center loaded copper coil stainless steel antenna – Includes 12 inch whip.

Product Features

  • CB radio kit includes radio, 24 inch center loaded antenna, whip and a pre-wired super-strong magnetic base.
  • Easy to install, best in class accessories and guaranteed to meet and exceed performance expectations.
  • Aerodynamic design for high-speed road use.
  • Wireless mic compatible

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