Radar Sensor Led Light Bulb, MINGER 10W A19 Motion Sensor Led Bulb Lights 100W Equivalent for Indoor, Outdoor, Porch, Hallway, Patio, Garage (E26/E27, 900Lumen, Warm White, 2-Pack)

How does the bulb work?
Super light-sensitive control, when the environment is bright, it does not work at all. When the environment is dark, it starts to work. In light condition, when the object moves within the sensing area, the radar sensor works and continues to work for 25-40s; no obvious object moves in the sensing area and the light goes out.

This bulb is radar sensor light bulb, it is more sensitive, more responsive, more penetrating than infrared sensor bulb.

Energy class: A+
Power: 10 Watt
luminous flux: 900lm
Size:D60 x H119mm
Input Voltage:100-240V AC
Color:Warm White
Beam Angle:220 degree

Detecting Angle: 180°

Versatile application
It could be installed in garage, hallway, porch, patio,washroom,closet basement,work room,deck, gazebo or warehouse laundry room stairways attics.

1. Save Electricity Bill:The motion sensor LED lights will save more than 80% on electricity bill of lighting.
2.Eco-friendly:No lead or mercury.No UV or IR radiation. Healthy for eyes.

Zero-Risk Purchase,100% Satisfaction Guarantee
90 days 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We will refund you immediately if you are not satisfied with our products.

Product Features

  • [Built-in Radar Sensor]: More sensitive and wider sensing range than traditional PIR motion sensor led light bulb, auto radar motion detection for light on/off. Infrared sensor with a 120-degree detection angle and 32 feet detection range. Attention: Not only human, cars and animal will make this bulb works also.
  • [Easy to install]: Simply screw into any standard E26/27 light socket or fixture, no wires or additional motion detection fixtures required. 80 Watt Equivalent ,2700K Warm White. This bulb will provide a bright and warm light for you.
  • [Energy Saving]: It would turn on within less than 15Lux light intensity. It lasts for 30 seconds when the movement ceases. With a lifetime of up to 25,000 hours. This bulb uses only 10 watts of energy, saving up to $114.3 over the life of the bulb (based on 3 hours/day, 11 cent/kWh, costs depend on rates and use)
  • [Wide Application]: Widely used in aisles, corridors, courtyards, garages, corners or any other places where accent lighting is required.
  • [Package Content]: 2 x MINGER Radar Sensor Led Bulb; Zero-risk Purchase, 90 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Our Friendly Service- 24 hours email customer service response.

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3 Responses to Radar Sensor Led Light Bulb, MINGER 10W A19 Motion Sensor Led Bulb Lights 100W Equivalent for Indoor, Outdoor, Porch, Hallway, Patio, Garage (E26/E27, 900Lumen, Warm White, 2-Pack)

  1. Dallas Electronics Fan says:

    Detection range was only about 4 feet at best in a glass globe, bulb exposed, not consistent The manufacturer states that this is not rated for use in enclosures. The manufacturer didn’t say so but my guess is that installing in an enclosure will shorten it’s life due to prolonged exposure to higher heat inside the enclosure. It will also result in detection range degradation. Regardless, I tried anyway. In a frosted glass globe about 6 feet up on a wall with the bulb upside down, detection range was only about 4 feet at best. In a plastic ceiling mounted globe about 9 feet up, bulb…

  2. Tucson Consumer says:

    Sensitive… Way too Sensitive I chose the radar-sensor LED bulbs because I wanted to ensure the bulbs picked up movement. These worked too well…. they never turn off. Any movement whatsoever turns them on. The first night, ours stayed on all night long (we think because of nearby wind chimes, nothing else was moving!). There was no breeze that night and the chimes were not ringing, but they are always moving somewhat with any slight air movement. So basically, these are a dusk-to-dawn bulb due to their extreme…

  3. HL says:

    Look AWAY, BOTH BULBS DID NOT WORK. (updated)LOOK AWAY!Both 2 packs did not work properly at all.The first bulb was attached to the existing motion sensor above the door. And, it did not turn on at all.The other bulb was attached to the outdoor wall sconce (no motion sensor), with the glass door .***Other reviewers said it works for them, but, mine did not work, even when I leave the glass door wide open.1. First time, I installed the bulb into the housing, it detected…

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