Shine Society Interior Cleaner, 100% All-Natural Extra Strength Formula, Safe for All Surfaces Including Leather and Fabric, MICROFIBER TOWEL INCLUDED (18 oz.)

Shine Society’s Lemon-aid is the go-to option for a super effective, all purpose, interior cleaner. Lemon-aid is formulated with a high concentration all-natural cleaning agents which are designed to deep clean just about any surface you can imagine, while remaining safe for use around children and pets! Shine Society’s Lemon-aid also contains disinfecting properties, and will eliminate germs, allergens and bacteria.

Here are some tips for achieving the best results when using Shine Society’s Cocawax.

  • Once product is applied on the desired surface, allow product to sit for 5-10 seconds to allow the cleaning agents to get to work.
  • Wipe off product using high quality microfiber towels.
  • After cleaning any vinyl, rubber, or plastic surfaces, it is advised to use a dressing like Shine Society’s Super Trim to restore faded surfaces and to keep the surfaces shiny and protected.
  • If you’re applying to a dark colored vehicle, try to avoid using Lemon-aid in direct sunlight. You will get the best results indoors or in shaded environments and if the vehicle is cool to the touch.

Shine Society is the only car care manufacturer on the planet that uses strictly all natural and sustainable ingredients in our products.

Product Features

  • THE “EVERYTHING” CLEANER : Do you have spills, stains, or dirt that is keeping your car’s interior from looking it’s best? Use what the pro’s use! Shine Society’s Lemon-Aid is touted as one of the leading car cleaners on the market.
  • DISINFECT WHILE YOU CLEAN: Lemonaid is engineered to kill germs, bacteria, and allergens. This interior cleaner is a great choice for also wiping up messes in your car, home, gym, and office!
  • PLEASANT CITRUS AROMA: This heavy duty interior cleaner doesn’t smell like a traditional cleaning product. Lemon-aid boasts a very pleasing citrus smell to go along with it’s enormous cleaning power. This car cleaner is tough on dirt but easy on the nose!
  • ALL-NATURAL FORMULA: Made with all-natural and sustainable ingredients, making this product safe for use around your children and pets.
  • EASE OF USE: The best results for this interior cleaner is achieved by simply spraying on and wiping off! You can completely clean your interior within 5 minutes or less.

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2 Responses to Shine Society Interior Cleaner, 100% All-Natural Extra Strength Formula, Safe for All Surfaces Including Leather and Fabric, MICROFIBER TOWEL INCLUDED (18 oz.)

  1. Mac M. says:

    Finally….An Honest review I own a successful detail shop and frequently we have our crew try different products to find the best products that do the best job for our customers.Shine Society Interior Cleaner Heavy Duty– Definitely works.What we think:Does it work? YesIs it better than other cleaners you have used such as Inner clean, Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer, Barrett-Jackson Interior Car cleaner? YesIs it worth $12.47? YesIs it really safe on leather? YesDoes it…

  2. Johnny Venture says:

    This product is amazing! I had some stains on my car seats

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