Single Din Car Stereo with Bluetooth Car Radio MP3 Player Wireless Remote

Features: ①Bluetooth function:support bluetooth hands free calls and bluetooth music play ②Clock display function:24 hours time format ③FM radio function: 3 bands radio store (FM1-FM2-FM3),supports 18 stations preset,radio frequency: 87.5-108MHz ④USB/SD/MMC card reader, support MP3/WMA formats ⑤Folder play function, breakpoint memory and ID3 play ⑥Support remote control and rotary electronic volume control ⑦MP3 play supports pause /preview/repeat/random play and 10 tracks up/down selections ⑧Electronic type bass/treble/left and right balance/front and back balance volume control ⑨Multiple EQ scenario mode choice: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical. ⑩Front audio AUX-in Specifications: ①Work Voltage: DC12V ②Max output power: 45W*4 ③ Body Size: 178MM (Width)*50MM (H)*120MM (D) ④Shape Size: 188MM*58MM (H) Packing List: ①1 x Bluetooth Car Stereo player ②1 x Remote Control ③2 x Power cable ④1 x User Manual Kindly Attention: ①Professional guidance needed for installation. If not, please go for professional help. Wrong installation will cause short circuit ②This unit do not built-in and include any memory card or SD card inside ③There is no CD room of the CD player, don’t support CD/DVD Player

Product Features

  • UNIVERSAL SINGLE DIN SIZE: The single din car stereo size(Fixed Panel) is 188(W)x58(H)MM, Working Voltage is DC12V for one Battery, Max Output Power is 4X45W, please check your car radio size with our product before order
  • FM RADIO: Frequency range: 87.5-107.90 MHz, automatic memory function for 18 radio stations,Support remote control and rotary electronic volume control
  • MULTIPLE EQ SCENARIO MODE: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical, etc, with folder play function, breakpoint memory and ID3 play
  • MUTI FUNCTION:Built-in Bluetooth + Microphone, USB,SD/MMC card slot & AUX input function
  • Warranty: 3 years warranty. Welcome to consult any questions about installation and operation,welcome review.

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3 Responses to Single Din Car Stereo with Bluetooth Car Radio MP3 Player Wireless Remote

  1. YouSleepBruh says:

    like me, secure electrical tape will work The radio works perfectly, and I saw the same radios at stores for 3x the price. Buttons feel cheap and clicky, but they work alright. It’s a little hard to see the display during the day, but once it’s programmed that’s not an issue. Bluetooth connects automatically, and it is hands down the easiest Bluetooth set-up I’ve ever done in a car (it skips the whole “put in the secure code” business and just connects instantly when you select it with your phone.) Aux cord is a no-brainer and…

  2. D. Adams says:

    A not-so-flashy cheap radio! Finally, a radio that doesn’t have (too many) flashy, meaningless lights! I always hate seeing so many extra things flashing on radios to make them appear more expensive. While this might work in some vehicles, I’m trying to find something for my 1993 Jeep Cherokee to just get some halfway decent audio but still somewhat looks the part.Installation – It uses the same connector as do many cheap Chinese radios of this style. I’d already wired my Jeep up for this style so I had it…

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a good car radio, nothing fancy, very basic, that performs as it should, that fits a lower budget and allowed me to buy 2 , one for the truck, the other for the car. Keep in mind that you do get what you pay for, you can’t have it all, for that price. Contrarily to what some reviewers said, I didn’t find it to be poorly made. It’s not “heavy duty”, but every button works right, you push lightly and get the job done. If you’re gentle with your electronics, then this radio will…

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