Noa Store NEW Escort Permanent Windshield Mount For The Beltronics/Escort Radar Detector

Compatibility: S55, New Passport, Redline, STi Magnum, STi Magnesium Construction, STi Driver, GX65, RX65, RX55, Pro 100, Pro 200, Pro 300, Pro 500, Vector 995, Vector 965, Vector 955, Newer Vector 940, Vector 895 & Express 795, Passport 9500ix, Passport 9500i, … Continue reading

Ruidon M6 Laser Radar Detector Lone Range Speed Camera Voice Alerts with 360 Degree Detection

●100% brand new and high quality.
●Portable and durable, easy to carry, lightweight.
●Detect any stable or mobile radar speed monitor ahead.
●Detect any traffic monitor or stable camera (around traffic lights) in advance.
●Leading … Continue reading

Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector GPS, DSP, Voice Alert, Silver

Uniden R3 DSP Extreme Long Range Radar and Laser Detector w/GPSExperience the unsurpassed range with the Uniden R3 radar detector!With the convenient GPS feature you can get Red light camera alerts, Mute memory false alerts, or mark location.Extreme performanceExtreme Range Laser … Continue reading

Laser Radar Detector, High performance Car Speed Alarm System with 360 Degree Detection Icon Display Voice Alert For Car Vehicle DC 12V

High performance Radar Detector

1.Detect any stable or mobile Radia Speed Monitor 800-1500m ahead
2.Detect any Traffic Monitor in advance
3.Driving safely and avoiding any Traffic fine
4.Accuracy: more than 90% Monitor or stable Camera
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Radar Detector GPS Dectector with Voice Alert and Speed Alarm for Cars 360 Degree Laser Detection


– X-BAND: 10.525GHz100MHz, detectable distance: 1500-2500m

– K-BAND: 24.150GHz175MHz, detectable distance: 1200-2500m 

– KU-BAND: 13.450GHz125MHz, detectable distance: 450-1500m

– KA-BAND: 34.700GHz1300MHz, detectable distance: 800-1500m

– Laser beam: 90433KMHz

– VG-2: 11.150GHz410MHz

– Wireless duplex transmission frequency: 2.4GHz410MHz

– … Continue reading

Whistler 5050EX High Performance Laser Radar Detector: 360 Degree Protection and Bilingual Voice Alerts

The Whistler 5050EX elite Series laser Radar detector features Whistler fads (field disturbance sensor rejection), the most recent advancement to combat new vehicles equipped with frequency-modulated continuous Wave (fact) K band blind spot and collision avoidance devices that clutter nearly all … Continue reading

Radar Detector, Warmhoming Radar Detectors for Cars Voice Alert and Car Speed Testing Alarm System with 360 Degree Detection (Green)

– Extreme Range Super heterodyne technology, with super-fast sweep circuitry.
– Extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest radar guns.
– Detects Ku-Band radar gun currently being used in Europe. – … Continue reading

Escort 0100037-1 Max 360C Radar Laser Detector with Wi-Fi + Smart Direct Wire Cord + CPS Extended Warranty & Minolta 1080p Full HD Dash Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detection – Advanced Bundle

Max 360c

The ESCORT Max 360c is the first radar and laser detector designed for the connected car. With built-in Wi-Fi, the MAX 360c updates through the on-board Wi-Fi connection, alerting the driver to the latest ticket threats in real-time.

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Radar Detectors for Cars, 360 Degree Detection with Voice Alert, Performance City/Highway Mode Cop Radar Detector

Radar Detector with Voice Alert and Car Speed Alarm System and 360 Degree Radar Detector Kit
This is a fully featured high end dash model Radar Detector and provides ultra performance!!!
The City model Ka band is closed

Function … Continue reading

Laser Radar Detector, CHICOM Car Speed Alarm System Camera Detector with 360 Degree Detection, Icon Display, and Tone Alerts, City Highway Mode

Compatible with all GPS navigation systems!

Color: Black
material: plastic
Size: 5.1×2.4×1.3 inch
Cable length: about 1.2M
Input voltage: DC 12V
Current: 150 – 300MA
Languages: English and Russian
Cutting Mode: City, Highway
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