Tom the Tow Truck and Jerry the Red Racing Car

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2 Responses to Tom the Tow Truck and Jerry the Red Racing Car

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Tom is an Existentialist Hero Each 10 minute episode contains two 5 minute acts, each of which recapitulates the same archetypal narrative: some sort of vehicle needs help and Tom helps him or her. And yes, I said him or her: cars are gendered in Car City. The cars are also severely dysarthric, and incomprehensible except to the unseen narrator. The hypnotically lucid plots turn on the same points every time:Point the first is the calling and question, when the narrator asks Tom if he is willing to help, and Tom…

  2. Anonymous says:

    (Wife): If you’re not familiar with this or related short series, “Tom the Tow Truck of Car City” is part of the Car City collection of short series: “Tom the Tow Truck of Car City”, “Tom the Tow Truck’s Paint Garage”, “Super Truck of Car City”, and I forget the others — “Safety Patrol of Car City” (I think), and they also have a construction crew version.Related series are “Tiny Trucks” and “Troy the Train of Train Town”. I…