TriNova Car Wash Kit Complete Detailing Bundle Best Washing Car, Truck, SUV. Accessories included shammy, glove, claybar, applicator, towel, microfiber, brush. All amazing supplies. 19 Pieces

The most excellent and complete kit you’ll find. Get ready to have your mind blown by the value of $200 worth of products stuffed into a $100 box. We guarantee satisfaction – so if the products aren’t your thing, just let us know and we’ll make it right!

Product Features

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED and nothing you don’t. This system is complete with every accessory you can think of for your vehicle or automobile. OTHER KITS come missing pieces or products but this one is complete so you can get to work quick, using the items to make your car look new.
  • PAINT PREP is important so we included our best selling scratch and swirl remover and our clay bar kit. That comes with two bars, quick detailer which is a slick mist lubricant and an applicator for the compound. Use it by hand or with an orbital polisher. Using a polish on the exterior is important to ensure a gloss plus finish. Don’t settle for just a simple wash using soap and water, use every supply justin case to restorer your ride. Use the shampoo first to care for the auto.
  • WHEELS AND TIRES deserve their own treatment because you want them to shine like a spotless piece of diamond. Scrub the rubber of your tire with our stiff brush – avoiding the rims – to remove any stain and then you’re ready to go. Spray tire shine after you’re done. Don’t forget the aluminim, metal, or coated wheel cleaner spray. It’s one of the most super cleaners out there and no man or woman should be without it. You’ll still need to wax the outside to get a coating that stops a bug or tar
  • ACCESSORIES ARE INCLUDED to make things easy. Towels, micro fiber or microfiber, a mitt, cleaning cloth, high power rags and drying towels that are waffle weave. If the car is wet just rinse and dry with speed. Who could have better gifts? This is automotive bliss! Some people call the drying towel a chamois or shamie or wipes – you call it whatever you want. Optimum exterior or exteriores is the goal. Some might say ultimate or pro. Either way clean is the answer. Carro regalos fibre.
  • DONT FORGET THE INTERIOR it’s where you spend your time. Rugs, upholstery, plastic seats, dashboard, leather, carpet para floor all need protectant or polishing. Aid your maintenance with a lifeline from TriNova. Block or repair bad looks so people will call your ride gold. Use your washer sprayer attachment or exchange ideas with another guy or gal on fabric survival or upolstry magic tools. Detergent or conditioner works just do it with fun and class so there is no emergency.

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3 Responses to TriNova Car Wash Kit Complete Detailing Bundle Best Washing Car, Truck, SUV. Accessories included shammy, glove, claybar, applicator, towel, microfiber, brush. All amazing supplies. 19 Pieces

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great value with all that it contains. I have been able to use about half of the products that came in the kit so far and they have performed very well (this has been my experience with all of the Trinova car care line). The wheel cleaner worked very well and easily removed months of filth off of my wheels. It seemed to remove the dirt and grime with less effort and agitation than some other, more aggressive, brands that I have tried. The car wash shampoo worked very well in the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This Trinova Kit is pretty complete. It comes with different chemicals that allow you to pretty much detail every part of your car. I liked the interior cleaner and the glass cleaner – they both removed residue quickly and left a pleasant shine and light scent. For the exterior cleaners, the car wash was good, but not especially spectacular. The clay bar treatment was my favorite, as it got off a lot of grime. There was also a caranuba was, which was fine but again not spectacular. The scratch…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have used most of these products from past individual purchases and all work great. I tried the clay kit on my tractor hood and it worked as expected. Then the scratch remover which worked equally as well. Too much stuff in this bundle to go into all the details. Just look at the reviews of the individual products and I’m sure you will be impressed. It’s a great kit for vehicle (or tractor) care. The only thing not included is a fancy wash bucket – the kind with a screen in the bottom to help…

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