Turtle Wax Complete Care Kit

Turtle Wax’s car care kit includes 4 items to clean, shine and protect your car. Zip Wax Wash and Wax gently removes dirt from your paint, glass, tires and wheels for a spot-free finish. The formula is blended with carnauba wax to add shine and protection while washing. Express Shine Spray Wax is formulated to provide a full coat of wax without hard buffing. Cover the entire car in less than 15 minutes for a mirror-like shine and long-lasting protection. Wet ‘N Black Tire Shine makes your tires look like new. The fast-drying formula adds a wet-looking shine and helps protects tires from future fading. Super Protectant shines and protects the plastic and vinyl inside your car. The non-greasy formula renews your interior to like-new and protects against UV rays. Turtle Wax Car Care Kit.

Product Features

  • Turtle Wax Complete Care Kit includes 1 of each PLUS Premium Microfiber towel:
  • 16 fl. oz. Zip Wax Car Wash and Wax
  • 12 fl. oz. Express Shine Carnauba Spray Wax

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3 Responses to Turtle Wax Complete Care Kit

  1. Logan says:

    Nice deal but quality clean wasnt there. This kit has everything you need to keep your car protected from weathering and looking brand new, except for a bucket, car soap, and big sponge, which is to be expected. This bundle is very much about adding the final touches after thorough cleaning.My favorite of the four bottles included in the bundle is the spray-on “spot shine” wax. Clean your car, spray on the wax, and buff the surface section by section. The scent is great and the shine lasts, even after dealing…

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