Whistler CR97

We rate the CR97 as the best valued-price GPS enabled detector on the market and the best in the under $250 price category. The unit now offers performance on par with some detectors costing twice as much. The CR97 offers 360-degree protection and detects X, K, and Ka radar signals and excellent sensitivity to police laser. Radar Detection Range The CR97 has noticeably better range and performance than all previous models, and is now ranked in the 4-star category. This level of performance and quickness to react to I/O police radar makes this detector excellent with instant on encounters. ALL NEW FDSR ### Feature Whistler now offers a feature that can’t be found anywhere else, the ability to detect and alert to FMCW (frequency modulated continuous waveform) radar that other detectors filter out. When the FDSR ### or FDSr ### feature is enabled, the CR97 will not only alert to K-band, but also with a continuously changing series of numbers that relate to the nature of the modulation used. Especially when coupled with the Verilight GPS database, you will be notified that you are approaching an active “speed on green” photo enforced intersection, such as one monitored by the TraffiStar S391. CAS Signal Rejection You can fine tune the degree of signal rejection with XK and Ka filters which add additional processing times prior to alerting to vehicles’ collision avoidance systems. With a K filter setting of 4, the CR97 does especially well at filtering out K-band CAS systems from Chevrolet, Honda, and Acura that can wreak havoc with other detectors. Photo Enforcement Protection with Builtin GPS Automated photo enforcement cameras and speed traps are everywhere today! To combat these Whistler has equipped the CR97 with GPS technology and their photo enforcement database, called Verilight, will alert as you approach one of these locations. Available exclusively from RadarBusters/PowerSports US

Product Features

  • Whistler CR97 is Whistler’s highest performing detector released to date.
  • Up to 6dB increase in sensitivity to Ka-band police radar (double the alerting range) compared to the CR93
  • Up to 3dB increase in sensitivity to K-band police radar (150% increase in alerting range) compared to the CR93
  • NEW FDSR ### feature, alerts to and identifies FMCW photo enforcement sources, such as MRCD/MRCT/TraffiStar Configurable reactivity, allows you to customize responsiveness to instant-on police radar
  • GPS Photo Enforcement U.S. Database

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