Whistler PRO-RS01 Power Inverter Remote On/Off Switch

Whistler Pro-RS01 Inverter Remote Switch is designed to give you the option to turn your power inverter on and off from a remote location. It has a 6-foot cord capable of reaching any location within a car, boat or RV, and it is compatible only with Pro Series inverters from Whistler. Use this remote switch with your Whistler Pro-1200W, Pro-1600W, Pro-2000W, Pro-2500W or Pro-3000W Power Inverter. This remote will not work for inverters requiring P/N 401009 and P/N 401039. Over the past four decades Whistler has built a brand that stands for quality, innovation and proven performance.

Product Features

  • Allows You To Operate Your Power Inverter From A Distance
  • Includes A 6-Foot Cord
  • Exclusively Compatible With Whistler Pro Series Power Inverter Models
  • Will Not Work With Inverters Requiring P/N 401009 And P/N 401039
  • Over The Past Four Decades Whistler Has Built A Brand That Stands For Quality, Innovation And Proven Performance

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3 Responses to Whistler PRO-RS01 Power Inverter Remote On/Off Switch

  1. Scott (Technogeek) says:

    Not what I expected… I almost gave it four stars because of the hassle of finding a longer cord. One of the reviewers stated it used a standard telephone cord…Bull Crap! Im not going into details, but this cord has 6 pins, the standard phone cord has 4 pins. I tried using a standard phone cord, and it DID NOT work. What did I do? I extended the 6 pin cable that came with the button with some extra cord, I made sure the colors matched up on both ends.Pros;1. I took a chance and bought this for an…

  2. Friendly Reviews says:

    Nice power inverter power cut off switch

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