Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver By Play The Prize – Car System, Headphones, Home Speakers Connected – Auto Connect Function – Low Power Reminder – For All Music Lovers – Free Gift For You


Did you know that you can carry your favourite kind of music everywhere you go and above that win an exceptional prize?

Play The Prize has created the ultimate, both wireless and wired Bluetooth Audio Receiver only for you.

Listen to your music and WIN!

Feel like running outdoors today? Plug it in your earphones and keep on jogging.

Would you rather travel in your car and find comfort to the sounds of your favourite jam? This stereo, car USB will never let you down!

No More Insane Charging All The Time.

Our audio receiver will shut down automatically if there is no connection within 5 minutes. Save energy, time and money of course.

Additionally, the Bluetooth Range is up to 30 feet (9 meters), so that you can receive songs from a long distance as well.

When the device is out of the receiving range, it will disconnect. No trouble for you, connecting – disconnecting anything.

Not Only The Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver But Also A FREE Product Gift For Your Sake!

Enjoy this ultimate car audio receiver and its warranty as well. Our top priority is for our customers to be satisfied with our product.

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Product Features

  • COMPATIBLE TO ANY MOBILE PHONE: No matter what kind of phone you are currently holding in your hands, our Bluetooth receiver will be successfully connected, through only a few simple moves. A blue indicator will flicker to let you know that you are doing everything right. No worries there!
  • WIRELESS MUSIC IN YOUR CAR: Don’t you just love it when you start driving your car, no matter what the destination is and you listen to your favourite music? Our audio receiver can be easily connected to your car by just adjusting the car radio mode to AUX. And then your music journey begins. Listen only the sounds you and your friends truly love!
  • MUSIC COMFORT AT HOME & EASY CHARGING PROCESS : Do you feel like staying in tonight? Enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine? What’s missing? Music, of course! Our Bluetooth audio receiver can be attached to your home speakers via a 3.5 audio cable. Also, please stop worrying about charging this Bluetooth device. A red indicator will flash twice continuously as soon as the power is low! Use the USB charge port and when the red light goes out, your charging is complete!
  • LAY BACK, LISTEN TO MUSIC & WIN: What? Is this a joke? Not really! We want our customers to be absolutely satisfied with our product, enjoy it to the fullest and have some fun at the same time! Take photos while using our audio receiver or while partying to your favourite tunes and win a special monthly prize only for you!
  • GET THE WHOLE PACKAGE, A LIFETIME WARRANTY & A FREE GIFT: The whole package includes the Bluetooth Audio Receiver, a Micro USB cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and a 3.5mm audio metal adapter. Besides all these we provide a warranty for our product and a plus gift as a bonus gift! What exactly are you waiting for? Make a purchase today!

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3 Responses to Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver By Play The Prize – Car System, Headphones, Home Speakers Connected – Auto Connect Function – Low Power Reminder – For All Music Lovers – Free Gift For You

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a unique and somewhat confusing device that many people need and don’t know about. I sure didn’t, until I was driving with my daughter in her 2005 Ford and she used a similar device to stream music from her cell phone. It was great. She could play whatever she wanted and it came through the car speakers. All she had to do was turn Bluetooth on, on her phone, and switch the car stereo to aux, pick your playlist and you are good to go. When I got home, I ordered this Wireless Bluetooth…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think that’s this project very well made and is very high quality I have tried similar products to this that just didn’t work that well at all and I was very disappointed with them but this one is definitely built to last it’s very easy to use very easy to connect to other items that you want to connect to I do not think you will be disappointed with this product with upon receiving it instructions pretty good on how you can make this product work sometimes videos are easier to be able to get…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bluetooth is one of the coolest and greatest inventions in the 20th Century, how cool is that when you can connect things wirelessly without any do a network, and when you were able to send pictures and videos from phone to phone no need for the Internet.And now being able to listen to music and even watch videos sometimes through Bluetooth.So when I got the opportunity to get this amazing Bluetooth unit in a discounted price I felt very fortunate.I’m a music lover and now…