5 Best Armored Vests for Motorcycle Riding



Because your torso carries so many of your vital organs, protection for your chest and back when you ride is almost as important as wearing a helmet. Not only do armored vests look cool underneath moto jackets and vests, they also defend you against the road rash, broken ribs, punctured lungs, damaged kidneys, and spinal cord injuries that can keep you off the road for good.


Armored Vests for Street Riding: Top Five

The type of chest protector you choose depends upon the type of riding you do. The following are the top five armored vests for street riders.


  1. Icon Stryker Vest Protector

Unique Feature: Air flow channels in injection-molded back armor for breathability


  1. Leatt Fusion Vest 3.0

Unique Feature: Neck and torso protection for adults


  1. Alpinestars Track Vest

Unique Feature: Secure and Personalized fit with removable and adjustable kidney belt


  1. Spidi Defender Armor

Unique Feature: Extends over the length of the spine for full protection


  1. Leatt 5.5 Chest Protector Pro HD

Unique Feature: Protection over vulnerable areas with multilayer integration


Armored Vests: What To Look For

An effective motorcycle chest protector has two essential elements: padding to absorb the force of an impact and a hard shell to distribute it. If it also makes you look like you have chiseled pecs and rock-hard abs, so much the better.

You’re not investing in body armor just for the look, though. You need to be sure that an armored vest will provide adequate protection in a crash. Many chest protectors come with a CE rating, which is a European designation indicating that they meet international safety standards. CE ratings aren’t required in the United States, but if an armored vest sold here has one, you can consider it a mark of quality and effectiveness.


Armored Vests: Why You Need One

Out of every 100,000 motorcycles on the road, 72 are involved in fatal crashes every year, compared with only 13 out of every 100,000 cars. The odds are not in your favor, but you can even them out by wearing protective gear every time you and your bike take to the highway. Shop protective motorcycle gear today.


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