Trak-4 12v GPS Tracker with Wiring Harness for Tracking Equipment, Vehicles, and Assets

Know where your assets and loved ones are.
– As low as 5.99/month (paid annually) or $11.99/month (paid monthly).
– No contract. No activation or cancellation fees. Pay monthly or annually. SIM card included.
– Covertly locate vehicles, assets, and inventory. Silently locate teens, loved ones, and elderly persons.
– Simple to use – sign in and start using in minutes.
– Indoor/outdoor, Trak4 is weatherproof so you can mount or place it almost anywhere. Rugged commercial housing is durable and provides reliability and dependability.
– No GPS? No problem. Trak4 cellular trilateration gives approximate location when no GPS signal is available (inside garages, buildings, etc.).
– High-capacity rechargeable battery.
– Choose reporting frequency from daily to every 2 minutes.
– Get text or email alert when a person or asset leaves or enters a selected area (geofencing).
– Works in the US only.
– 3G with 2G fallback provides the very best coverage area available.
– Add multiple Trak4s to your account – view all of your trackers on one map.

Subscription Plans (Paid Annually)
– Hourly Reporting – $5.99/month ($71.88/year)
– 15-Minute Reporting – $7.99/month ($95.88/year)
– 2-Minute Reporting – $11.99/month ($143.88/year)

Subscription Plans (Paid Monthly)
– Hourly Reporting – $11.99/month
– 15-Minute Reporting – $14.99/month
– 2-Minute Reporting – $18.98/month

Product Features

  • $5.99 a month (prepaid annual) or $11.99 a month (paid monthly) for hourly pings with options for 15-min and 2-min
  • Unlimited 3G data | No contract | No activation or cancellation fees | SIM included
  • Email & text alerts | Geofencing | Simple to use – sign in & start tracking in minutes
  • Computer, Phone, or Tablet | Great for GPS tracking of vehicles, assets, and inventory | Track teens, loved ones, and elderly persons
  • Connect to 12 volts on your equipment, trailer, or vehicle for continual trickle charge| High-capacity internal battery

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