Vehicle GPS Tracker: It’s Not Enough for Your Teenager’s Car

The alarming number of crime and road accident cases are enough to make any parent worried about their child’s safety. The fear of safety increases when the kids grow old enough to drive their way to places. Though many parents install a vehicle GPS tracker to keep a constant track of their child’s vehicle, the basic features aren’t enough. They are limited to just tracking the location of the vehicle and nothing else.

GPS Tracker Vyncs

To ensure 100% safety of your teenager, you must install a dash cam cum GPS tracker that comes loaded with advanced features. The features must be advanced enough to keep you as a parent updated about the safety and well-being of your child. So, do we have a solution? Well yes, we do! Before you start looking at options and inquiring about the vehicle tracker price, let’s take you through an amazing product.

GPS Tracker Vyncs from the house of Vyncs is a technologically advanced vehicle cum GPS tracker that comes packed with features that will let you sleep peacefully at night. Through its Driving Alert Engine surveillance technology and other advanced features, Vyncs No Monthly Fee OBD ensures the safety of your teenager.

Smart Alerts on Phone

Driving rash and fast to be the coolest among the group is common among teenagers. They are at an age where they don’t see the negatives of over speeding and rash driving. Vyncs GPS tracker the smart alerts of this device will let you set a speed limit and inform you when the teenager drives above the speed limit. Get push notifications to your phone or via email every time a vehicle enters or exists a zone (geofence) or speeds among other alerts.

Why Vyncs Brand?

First, GPS Tracker Vyncs, it’s a hands-off approach to teaching teen drivers. Second, it allows parents to keep tabs on where their child is driving and how fast. Available as an OBD attachment or a hardwired box, it can also track basic car maintenance and alert when something may need a review or replacement.

Along with providing updates every minute when the engine is on (hourly when off), the Vyncs tracker offers a variety of useful information for parents.

Route tracking is available through browser data or smartphone apps for Android and iOS phones. You can also use push notifications to your phone or via email every time a vehicle enters or exits a zone (geofence) or speeds among other alerts.when the vehicle enters or leaves specific areas, and the route replay function shows a detailed analysis of trips.

Perhaps most crucially for parents is the option to set up alerts for telltale signs of dangerous driving. These include speeding, excessive braking, and rapid acceleration.

With a cheap initial outlay and a No Monthly Fee OBD-II Realtime Car GPS Tracker, the Vyncs can provide peace of mind to any worried parent.

VAVA Dash Cam

Video Streaming

Want to always know where your teenager vehicle is? You need a car GPS tracker! This is not the same thing as a navigational GPS.

As a parent, it is natural for you to be worried about where your teenager is headed to and with whom. Dash Cam VAVA is a new-age Dual Dash cam device that not just lets you know the front and rear camera simultaneously capture the road but also the occupants of the car through its camera and capture technology, and the live video streaming feature will help you know who all are sitting in the car with your teenager. Dash Cam, with 360? Rotatable to capture footage inside and outside of the lens swivel. this with such advanced features, the safety of your teenager will always be in your hands.

 Dash Cam, VAVA

Keep a Track on Late Night Drives

You want your teenager to be independent, but whenever you hear them making a plan for late night drives, your heart skips a beat. The fear of something bad happening to them often ends up keeping you awake all night. With Dashcam VAVA with GPS will put an end to all these worries. Built-in GPS will automatically capture the speed, location, and coordinates of your car when the car starts; The route playback, trip analytics, via VAVA Dash APP. will help you know where the car was at what point of time. In addition, with the Dash Cam VAVA live video streaming feature, With built-in Wi-Fi transmitter, enable connect them to not only stream photos but also stream videos to see if your teen is safe. (stream videos without taking out the SD Card; The VAVA Dash APP (on Google or APP store),

Why Vava’s Dash Cam?

Vava’s Dash Cam is stylish, cleverly designed, and it offers at least two features that are unique in the dash cam. 360-degree rotation on its magnetic-coupling, and enough battery on board to capture in parking mode for up to 72 hours.

It’s also on-trend with the latest features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, iOS, and Android apps, and a separate Bluetooth snapshot button (press it to capture stills) that can be placed anywhere in your car’s.

All the innovation would mean nothing if the video were weak, but Vava has even taken care of that, both day and night, by incorporating an advanced Sony IMX291 sensor, this is a very impressive product. Vava Dash Cam is far more the magnetic coupling mount, 360-degree swivel, a Bluetooth remote button, and parking captures without hard-wiring.


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